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This document has long ways to go before its completion. It will continue to be edited while live and where its served, so you can always get the latest version even if paragraphs are left in the middle with no spellchecks and grammar checks yet.

We have no timeframe to complete it but we can promise that, the sentiment with which it is written, is unlikely to change anytime soon because it has not changed since much ealier than September 2004, when we registered our first domain name.

If you think you can get what we're all about from this incomplete document, trust you gut to either accept it and trust us a little we won't change our ethos overnight or reject now that you can.

This alone could be a decision you aren't exactly thrilled to make, so we have a little something to make it easier: as mentioned, this will be edited live and will be left in mid-edits until it is complete— and — if you haven't caught on yet, this site is a wiki. On of the features of a wiki is versioning and it's exactly what it sounds like, you can go past the edits of an article in time and compare them side-by-side, Time Machine-style on Mac computers back when you could own them.

It's not much, but it should be at least a tiny indicator of how ethically consistent we are in regards to users' private information.

Privacy policies

This document will contain our general privacy policy and if necessary by a given service, a policy specialized for the service.

Unlike, say Apple, Microsoft or other giant that does the same thing, we'll atempt to well-define said service and not leave it ambigous what is covered by what.


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